All systems are operational

Past Incidents

23rd May 2022

Network (SDN) Network Issues

We are currently having network problems, we are looking for the cause and will get back to you shortly

  • The network problem was identified as a ddos attack. Our ddos-mitigation appliance has detected the attack and is actively filtering it out. There's still some rework going on to get the SaaS apps up and running again

  • Network (SDN) Network performance issue

    Due to high load on a central router several servers where unreachable for a short amount of time. We are still analyzing the circumstances.

    8th March 2022

    Network (SDN) Network issues last night

    Dear Customers,

    tonight there was a problem with a network component, which caused individual systems to have longer response times. The problem has been identified and will be improved in further steps.

    Period of disruption: 04:19 - 04:50